Intensives Start Date: Monday, November 11th AEDT

Week 1 Facebook Live: Thursday, 12pm, Nov 14th AEDT
Week 2 Facebook Live: Thursday, 12pm, Nov 21st AEDT
Week 3 Facebook Live: Thursday, 12pm, Nov 28th AEDT
Week 4 Facebook Live: Thursday, 12pm, Dec 5th AEDT

Intensives End: Monday, December 9th AEDT

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Darlene Zschech

Worship Leading Intensives

How Intensives Work:

We are SO excited to let you know that we are launching 'Online Live Worship Leading Intensives' with Darlene Zschech. During a four week period, starting on November 11th AEDT you will have unprecedented access to directly ask Darlene anything about worship leading!

  • Access to the full Your Ministry Mentor Worship Leading Online Course taught by Darlene Zschech.

  • Access to a private facebook group where each week you can ask Darlene questions.

  • Darlene will then respond to these via a weekly facebook live within the private facebook group.

  • She will also take you through the online course content expanding on the topics and sections that you ask her about.

  • Community & connection with worship leaders & pastors from all over the world!

  • Worship Leading Course

    Darlene will walk you through the Worship Leading Online course during weekly Facebook Lives. Here you will do three lessons per week for four weeks.

  • Private Facebook Group

    Access to a private facebook group where each week you can ask Darlene questions. Darlene will then respond to these via a weekly Facebook Live within the private Facebook Group.

  • Worship Community

    These intensives are created to build community and connection with worship leaders and pastors from all over the world. Share insights, support one another and learn

Course Overview

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  • What is your story? Darlene shares how she came to faith and what worship and worship leading means to her.

    Lesson 1:
    My Story

  • Darlene guides you through the role and purpose of the worship leader as she and Luke workshop the song "Beloved" and the heart behind the song.

    Lesson 2:
    What Is A Worship Leader?

  • Darlene and her panel of worship leaders discuss the relationship between worship and community. It's about family!

    Lesson 3: Worship & Community

  • We've all been there. Worship is costly, so when things get tough, it might be easy to think about walking away. Darlene and her team discuss ways to navigate discouragement.

    Lesson 4:
    Moments of Discouragement

  • Free worship is free flowing singing in the Spirit that has no rules. Darlene and Luke guide a practical workshop in free worship.

    Lesson 5:
    Free Worship

  • Worship leaders LEAD. Darlene and Luke Taylor, Worship Pastor of HopeUC, explore the practical, personal and spiritual aspects of Worship Leadership.

    Lesson 6:
    Worship Leadership

  • Darlene and Luke focus on the practice and process of building a team. They discuss the importance of team and the role of relationship at its core.

    Lesson 7:
    Building a Team

  • Darlene's worship leaders' life group gathers to discuss the relationship between Worship and Warfare.

    Lesson 8:
    Worship & Warfare Pt. 1

  • Life is full of trials. Darlene and the worship leaders' life group share personal stories of worship in the midst of crisis.

    Lesson 9:
    Worship & Warfare Pt. 2

  • Darlene answers personal, spiritual and practical questions about prophetic flow in worship, and discuss with the group.

    Lesson 10:
    Prophetic Flow

  • Find out from Darlene and the panel how they fill up their creative and spiritual tank, and where they find inspiration. Full of personal insights and perspectives.

    Lesson 11:
    Finding Inspiration

  • Darlene encourages you to share in God's heart: justice, mission. She ends with words of advice that she would have given to her younger self, and what God taught her through her cancer journey.

    Lesson 12:
    Words of Encouragement

  • A beautiful impromptu acoustic rendition of the song "Surrounded". A truly worshipful moment.

    Bonus Content:
    Song "Surrounded"

  • Join Darlene, Luke Taylor, Craig Gower (MD) for a full worship seminar at HopeUC LA. Full worship set workshopping, practical tips, and spiritual insights.

    Bonus Content:
    Worship Seminar at HopeUC Los Angeles

  • Rare behind the scenes HopeUC Conference rehearsal with Darlene Zschech, Leeland Mooring, Dustin Smith, Chardon Lewis, Craig Gower (MD), Luke Taylor and others.

    Bonus Content:
    HopeUC Worship Conference Rehearsal