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About Your Ministry Mentor

Your Ministry Mentor is a revolutionary online training platform, giving you unprecedented access to the personal, passion, process and practice to the most influential leading ministers and ministries of our time. Join the best through media-rich content, as they share their personal insights and techniques, with video lessons coupled with an online workbook and journal.

Worship Leading Course

Learn what it's like to be on Darlene's worship team.

In 12 online lessons, Darlene shares from her life and her heart on calling and craft. Each lesson includes video teaching, key point highlights and Mentoring Moments for personal reflection and journaling.
Worship Leading Course

Songwriting Course

With Dustin Smith

You will have the opportunity to glean from Dustin's years of experience as he walks through the process of songwriting. This course will equip you with the right tools so that you can go out and write your own songs in confidence.
Songwriting Course

  • Video Lessons

    Each lesson includes video teaching, key point highlights and Mentoring Moments for personal reflection and journaling.

  • 100% Exclusive Content

    Register today and get access to exclusive class materials and over 3 hours of never-before-seen BONUS Content. Exclusive to Your Ministry Mentor.

  • Anytime & Anywhere

    Learn on your own terms, at your own pace on any device! Your Ministry Mentor tracks your progress so you can complete the course at any time.


  • What's the Worship Leading Course?

    The Worship Leading course is done your own pace with guidance from Darlene via video lessons. Each lesson has a video lesson from Darlene, written content and journal questions for you to answer.

  • What's included in the online course?

    There are 12 lessons in the course with about 4 hours of tutorial videos.

    There are also x3 bonus videos:
    Rehearsal with Darlene, Leeland & Dustin Smith
    Rehearsal workshop with Darlene & the HopeUC LA Worship Team

    'Surrounded' Acoustic song

    Each lesson has about 5 or so journal questions which help you to reflect on what you've learnt.

    Access to our Worship Leading Course with other Worship Leaders from all over the world.

  • Does the course expire?

    No, it doesn't. You can do it at any time, anywhere.

  • Do I get a certificate when I've completed the course?

    Yes, you will get a certificate but please note the course is not accredited.

  • I've purchased the 10 pack, now what?

    Email with the names & emails of the people you want to sign up to the course. Once we have them, we will set up their accounts & send them a welcome email.

  • Can I do the course in another language?

    We have plans to translate the course in the future. Stay posted!